Flavour: Banana

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  • 50g Protein
  • 3g Creatine
  • 5g Glutamine
  • High Calorie
  • Great Tasting
  • Easy Mixing
NXT Nutrition Nuclear Mass High-Calorie Protein Shake
Unleash the power of premium muscle-building with NXT Nutrition's Nuclear Mass – your ultimate ally in the quest for mass and strength. Each hefty 5.45kg bag promises a colossal journey with 36 servings, meticulously designed to support your most intense muscle-building goals.

Key Features:

- Massive Protein Punch: Every serving is loaded with a whopping 50g of high-quality protein, engineered to fuel muscle recovery and growth, ensuring you're primed for peak performance.
- Creatine Boost: With 3g of creatine per serving, Nuclear Mass is not just about size – it's about strength. Experience enhanced performance with increased power output and muscle endurance.
- Glutamine Infusion: Each shake delivers 5g of glutamine, a critical amino acid for preventing muscle breakdown and supporting recovery, keeping you in an anabolic state longer.
- Caloric Powerhouse: This high-calorie formula is tailored for those looking to bulk up. It's the perfect tool to add size when combined with a rigorous training regimen.
- Deliciously Versatile Flavours: Indulge in our four gourmet flavours – rich Chocolate, luscious Strawberry, classic Vanilla, and exotic Banana. Each one is a treat to your taste buds, making your muscle-building journey as delicious as it is effective.
- Easy Mixing: Say goodbye to clumps and uneven shakes. NXT Nutrition's Nuclear Mass is designed for a smooth, easy mix, giving you a creamy and enjoyable shake every time.


- Muscle Growth: The high protein content supports rapid muscle growth and aids in the repair of muscle fibers post-workout.
- Strength Gains: Enhanced with creatine, you'll notice a significant improvement in your strength and power during workouts.
- Recovery Acceleration: Glutamine speeds up recovery times, reducing muscle soreness and preparing you for your next session.
- Convenient Nutrition: Perfect for on-the-go nutrition, it's an easy way to meet your calorie and protein needs without the hassle of food prep.
- Taste Satisfaction: With a variety of flavours, you'll never get bored. Enjoy it as a shake, add it to recipes, or blend it into smoothies.


Ideal for post-workout recovery or as a high-protein snack between meals. Simply mix one serving with water or milk for a rich, creamy shake. Adjust the consistency to your liking and enjoy the path to a more muscular physique with NXT Nutrition Nuclear Mass.


Whether you're a hard-gainer struggling to increase size, a seasoned athlete looking to maximize muscle recovery, or anyone in between, NXT Nutrition Nuclear Mass is your go-to supplement. It's not just a shake; it's a strategic tool designed to propel you towards your fitness zenith. Get ready to transform your efforts into visible results with Nuclear Mass – where every scoop is a step closer to your ultimate body goals.


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