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Elevate your stack with Summit Nutrition’s Cream of Rice, the essential training & diet carbohydrate supplement to raise your performance and keep you fuelled & ready for any challenge. 

Each great-tasting 50g serving contains 37g of fasting-acting and easily digestible carbohydrates, less and 0.1g of sugar, providing you with the optimal nutritional values to start your day, or as a powerful addition to your pre-workout routine. We also love to use our Cream of Rice as a post-workout tool to easily replenish lost energy stores.

A must-have supplement, Cream of Rice is only second to protein in an athlete’s supplement arsenal. The value of carbohydrates is not missed by athletes as the main source of energy and fuel for the body, especially during long training sessions. Our Cream of Rice is perfect for anyone, it’s suitable for vegans, gluten-free, wheat-free, and non-GMO. 

Reaching the pinnacle of your discipline, be it bodybuilding, athletics, weightlifting or endurance sports, is the pursuit of excellence. We aspire the same for our products, so that they can help you achieve your goals faster and with ease. We’ll see you at the top.

Key Benefits

Fast acting energy

Easy to digest.

Great pre and post workout meals

An easy way to increase your carbohydrate goals.

Suggested Use

Add one scoop (25g) into a microwaveable bowl. Slowly add and stir in boiling water until desired consistency has been achieved. Allow to cool before consuming.


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