Package: 6-Week Training Program

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Whether your goal is to smash 130mph clubhead speed or break 90 this six-week online training programme will be customised to your needs to ensure you improve on and off the golf course. Coached by Yakka Strength's founder Jack Ainscough, a professional golfer seeking to reach the PGA Tour and a qualified Personal Trainer, you will be guided through 6 weeks of intense training.

The programme will begin with a consultation where you and Jack will discuss your current training experience, time available for training, the facility and equipment you intend to train with, your goals for the programme and much more.

After Jack has an insight into your daily habits, he will build a personalised workout plan that you'll follow for the next six weeks. You will be able to contact your trainer daily if you have any questions and he will check in weekly to keep you on track. 

If you're serious about transforming your game purchase the plan today or if you have any questions and want to get to know Jack more please purchase the consultation package which you will be refunded for if you buy the Golf Specific 6 Week Training Programme.

**When purchasing any Training Programme, please enter your email and phone number into the checkout so our trainers can contact you directly. We can't wait to work with you!!


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