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Testosterone is a vital hormone that serves many actions toward our well-being. Unfortunately, there are many claims that the modern man's testosterone is declining! As well as this, men are victims of an age-related decline as time goes on. With this decline also comes a decline in vitality, and mental well-being.

We wanted to create a Testosterone booster that provided you with the ability to Boost Testosterone, Boost Libido, Boost Vitality and Boost your well-being WITHOUT costing too much.

This is why we created BullHead a product to do just that and costs only £24.99!

Let's talk about the ingredients and why we used what we used. To understand the full capabilities of BullHead we need to understand the factors that go into men creating Testosterone. A signal called Leutinizing hormone (LH) is released from your pituitary and stimulates the Leydig cells (in your gonads) to produce testosterone So it would make sense to have an ingredient to boost LH, which is why this panel starts with Spilanthese, here to boost LH and get our gonads to produce Testosterone. Increasing LH isn't the beginning and end tough. To create testosterone we rely on a few enzymatic reactions to create it from cholesterol. These key enzymes include StAR, CYP11A1, CYP17A1, 3B-HSD, and 17B-HSD. This is why we added Cistanche, Cistanche has been shown to increase the enzymes mentioned, so not only do we have the ability to boost LH and then also boost the enzymes involved to create testosterone.

Libido sex drive is something many men want more of, this is why we added in Catuaba, this brings a unique ability to BullHead, Catuaba is a Dopamine re-uptake inhibitor so boosts dopamine and can also increase Nitric oxide and therefore may help with erectile dysfunction. When it comes to products we love providing numbers, this is why we included the trademarked PrimaVie, which provides us with a phenomenal quality Shilajit. Shilajit has been shown in a study to boost testosterone levels by 23.5%, this study was at 200mg too which is the dose you will see here. Now, we have boosted testosterone and put ourselves in a pole position to synthesize more BUT there is another downside, that comes by the name of Aromatase, Aromatase converts testosterone into estrogen which is what we don't want! So thankfully we have your back and we added in Acacetin! A strong aromatase inhibitor that can prevent this conversion and allow us to bask in the glory of increased testosterone.

Suggested Use:

Consume 1 serving (3 capsules) once daily in the morning.


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