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Berberine is fantastic, it is one of the most known yet still under appreciated alkaloids found in nature BUT in typical NaughtyBoy® fashion we have brought you a new version, a version of berberine that has higher bioavailability and causes lower gastric distress called Dihydroberberine (under the name Glucovantage).

Animal research indicated Glucovantage was 5x more bioavailable than normal berberine but then in Human studies 200mg of Glucovantage raised berberine levels 22x more than 500 mg of berberine alone. So enough of us blowing Glucovantages trumpet, what does it do and why should you care? Its been shown to do SO much!

If you have come across berberine in a formula before it is usually a Glucose Disposal Agent (GDA). Berberine activates something called AMPK. AMPK is a master metabolic switch. When this levels increases, glucose uptake is increased, insulin sensitivity improves, triglycerides and cholesterol are reduced, and increased fat-burning in mitochondria, not to mention the nootropic effect it has!

It is hard to capture the whole picture of Glucovantage in a short write up but here are some things you may expect to get from consumption of a bioavailable berberine, Improved Cholesterol Improved Cardiovascular health Improved Insulin sensitivity IMproved Glucose uptake and utilization Improved PCOS symptoms Improved Weight management Neuro protection Nootropic effects + Much more If you want to maximize your results and want to find a bioavailable form of berberine then your search is over, Gluco-B is here!

Suggested Use:

Consume 1-2 capsules daily with meals containing carbohydrates.


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